What’s this all about?

This marks my seventh season covering high school and college wrestling. With each passing year, my love for the sport continues to grow.

This blog is intended to be a down and dirty repository of my freelance work throughout the season as well a place to publish original content that may not find a home elsewhere.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of publications and websites over the years and my intention is to maintain those relationships as well as build some new ones. There are a lot of exciting options on the table right now and, to be honest, I haven’t been able to sort through all of them yet.

So here’s the deal:

This site is your one-stop shop for the same thorough and passionate Wisconsin wrestling coverage I’ve tried to produce throughout the last seven years. There’ll be plenty of prep wrestling coverage, as well as content built around the Badgers and various NCAA Division II and III teams in the state. Heck, maybe we’ll even delve into Greco and freestyle if this sucker makes it past March.

Whenever I write for an outside outlet, I will wait at least 24 hours before posting that story here. After all, they are in the business of web traffic and I respect that. I ask that you please consider supporting the many sites that have been so good to me over the course of my career.

As previously mentioned, there will be original content. Sometimes stories just need to be told, regardless of when they happen or if they fit the mold of a particular publisher. Those stories will live here, along with a smattering of photos and even some videos to break up the monotony from time-to-time.

In terms of cadence, it’s hard to tell exactly what this year holds. Sometimes, I might post three times a day. Other times, I may go a week or two without a post. It’s hard to anticipate the extent of time or resources I’ll have. After all, this isn’t my full-time job. It’s something between an intense hobby and part-time gig.

But I will promise you this: If I’m not serious about a post or don’t have the time to do right, I won’t do it. It’s that simple. Quality will always come before quantity here.

With the dawn of a new wrestling season upon us, I sincerely hope that you’ll join me for the exciting year ahead (if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you’re up for it).

Please feel free to contact me with story ideas via the contact page, social media or whatever other methods you have at your disposal. I’m always up for a chat about wrestling.

Thanks for reading!

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